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Research and Production company – Chemtech

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About us:

Chemtech LLC was founded on 2011 and developing well. We became competitive on the market of low-volume and custom chemical production.
Our specialization is manufacturing of paints and varnishes, custom chemicals, “substances of high purity” and “clean for analysis”.
We propose:
- produce chemicals on our equipment by technology provided by the customer;
- custom setup of the chemical compositions;
- develop and implement technology process by given specifications;
- to found suppliers of the raw materials;
- project supervision of the chemical and technical equipment development;
Our facility powered by modern technological equipment:
1) Reactor group of borosilicate glass made in German, complete with thermostats Unisat 510w. The System allows chemical processes in a wide temperature range with precise control of characteristics (temperature and pH).
2) Dissolvers.
3) Dry blending facility.
We also have auxiliary equipment: filtration station, water treatment system, drying cabinet, test equipment.
We plan to obtain laboratory for technology process tuning and experimental activity.
Our staff is highly qualified with many years of experience as a scientific research and work in the chemical industry.

"Chemtech" LLC have done special evaluation of the labor conditions. Expert conclusion #256-ÇÅÏÏ